Høg Standard presents: DREAMS NEED ACTION! A triennale-off exhibition by ARCHITECTS CLIMATE ACTION NETWORK

Høg Standard presents:
A triennale-off exhibition by ARCHITECTS CLIMATE ACTION NETWORK


Exhibition, Monday 26.09 - Saturday 01.10

It’s too slow
Architects Climate Action Network (ACAN) believes that the buliding industry needs gathered professionals for the climate and environment. The climate is changing and this is no longer a question but we constantly experience that transitions are still far too slow. Our industry accounts for more than a third of the CO2 emissions and is a huge part in the current accelerating loss of biodiversity. It also means that we have power if we organize. We design how we will live tomorrow, and it starts today. Dreams need action!
Apathy and action
Between September 26th and October 2nd, we fight apathy with action. An exhibition becomes a framework for conversations and exchanges of experience when our industry faces the climate crisis. Here we will showcase our own campaigns, invite committed stakeholders to contribute and show what ACAN abroad is working on. We experience a limited number of arenas where people can meet to share knowledge and think that such an exhibition can become one.
The exhibition is happening during the Oslo Architecture Triennale,
Architects Climate Action Network
ACAN was started in London in 2019 by a core group of climate engaged architects who worked in the building industry and wanted to create a systematic change in their own industry. The voluntary organization has three goals: decarbonise the building industry, set up new framework for the protection and regeneration of ecological environments, and support the cultural transformation required by the first two goals. The way these goals are to be achieved is through political lobbying, public campaigns and knowledge sharing and development. ACAN UK, for example, has worked with the «Embodied Carbon» campaign. It was a combination of preparing the report «The Carbon Footprint of the Construction», demonstrations together with other players in the construction industry and a signature campaign for the regulation of carbon emissions aimed at representatives of the parliament.
We welcome you
Together we can find the solutions needed today. If you are just curious or want to contribute, we welcome you to Galleri Høg Standard in Waldemars Thranes Gate 70, Oslo.
  • Wednesday 28th of september – the exhibition is open 17h-20h / open meeting at 18h
  • Thursday 29th of september – vernissage 18h-21h
  • Friday 30th of september – fredagspils & exhibition open 18h-21h



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